Waxy Maize

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Carb Max, 30 Servings
Universal Nutrition
10 2 Reviews
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Quad Carb Blend Comprised of Fast and Sustained Released Carbs to Promote Faster Recovery*
697,07 руб. (23,24 руб. / Serving)
MHP 20% Off Dark Matter Post Workout Recovery Accelerator, 20 Servings
8.2 421 Reviews
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Absorbs Faster!*
2 464,56 руб. (123,23 руб. / Serving)
NOW 20% Off Waxy Maize, 2.4 Kilograms
9 21 Reviews
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100% Pure Powder!
1 394,83 руб. (22,5 руб. / Serving)
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Introduction To Waxy Maize


Lightning-Fast Recovery With Waxy Maize*

Waxy Maize is a hard to beat healthy carbohydrate source. It has a high molecular weight and low osmolarity rate, which allows for optimal absorption.*

Waxy Maize may also assist in the absorption of other supplements like creatine.* Waxy Maize is designed to bypass the stomach to shuttle nutrients efficiently and effectively.*

Waxy Maize is also thought to support the fast restoration of glycogen stores in the body post-workout!*