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R+ALA, 60 Capsules
AllMax Nutrition
9.8 14 Reviews
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Antioxidant Capsule For Overall Health & Wellness*
775,55 руб. (12,93 руб. / Serving)
RPG Nutrient Partitioning, 240 Capsules
10 1 Reviews
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Nutrient Absorption Supplement*
3 487,66 руб. (58,13 руб. / Serving)
Na-R-ALA, 60 Capsules
10 5 Reviews
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Biosolve Enhanced!
1 041,82 руб. (17,36 руб. / Serving)
Na-R-ALA 200, 90 Capsules
10 1 Reviews
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200mg of Na-R-ALA to support nutrient uptake*
1 977,25 руб. (21,97 руб. / Serving)
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Introduction To R-ALA


Energy And Fat Loss In One Supplement*

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) is the purest form of Alpha-Lipoic Acid available. R-ALA's health benefits are numerous and shouldn't be ignored.

R-ALA is thought to mimic insulin and encourage the removal of glucose from the blood, making it beneficial as a fat loss supplement.*

It also supports breaking glucose down for energy in the form of ATP - the fuel used by cells to keep the body running.* This activity helps use ingested carbohydrates for fuel and not storage in the form of fat.*

R-ALA is great for boosting energy and supporting fat lost simultaneously!*

Getting Down And Dirty

R-ALA is great for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Safe metabolism for energy*
  • Nutrient transport*
  • Antioxidant benefits*
  • Immune system support*