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Performance - Recovery & Overall Health!*
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Introduction To Oxygen Enhancers


Don't Be Out Of Breath*

If your work in the gym consists of resistance training, high-intensity training, or endurance training, supplementing with an oxygen enhancement product is definitely a wise decision.* Getting enough oxygen into the muscle tissues is important for performance, so don't let your workouts take your breath away with oxygen enhancers!

When the oxygen flow isn't there to support the muscle's exercise needs, performance can take a dive. In fact resistance training or sprint based activities can be hindered by not getting enough oxygen to the muscle cells, which can result in limited endurance and the build up of lactic acid in the body and eventually fatigue.


Fight Lactic Acid Buildup*

Oxygen transport is a keystone to optimal training and performance. By using ingredients that promote the production of nitric oxide in the blood such as L-Arginine, oxygen enhancers help support the flow of oxygen in the body.* Healthy oxygen flow during training is important for a variety of body functions. Some of the areas oxygen enhancers are designed to support include:

  • Fighting lactic acid build-up and fatigue*
  • Fast nutrient delivery for building and repairing muscle*
  • Endurance and energy during your workout*
  • Efficient recovery between workout sessions*

Resuscitate Your Workouts*

Anyone involved in a sport is definitely a good candidate for oxygen enhancers. In order to sprint, tackle, kick, run, shoot, and hit from beginning to finish your body must maintain efficient performance, and oxygen enhancers can support you all the way to overtime!* Oxygen enhancers are also great for training. Nobody wants to leave the gym early or cut their long distance run short - go for 100% completion by supplementing with oxygen enhancers.*

In terms of muscle building and repair, oxygen flow is important in getting the right nutrients to your muscles at the right moment.* Fight soreness and slow recovery by providing your body with the right ingredients to encourage delivery to those hungry muscles after physical activity.*

A Breath Of Fresh Air*

For best results, always be sure to check the package descriptions as various oxygen enhancement products have their own unique blend guidelines.

For the most part, oxygen enhancers are taken once or twice a day to promote sustained oxygen flow and nutrient delivery.* Often, oxygen enhancers are meant to be consumed 30-45 minutes before your physical activity, which is great as a pre-workout or pre-event supplement. Some oxygen enhancers consist of one ingredient such as L-Arginine and others consist of blends, so find the one that fits your style and get going.

Kick your training and performance in gear with oxygen enhancers today!*