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Raw IGF-1, 30 Capsules
Vigor Labs
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Muscle Building Capsule To Help You Grow
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Colostrum, 500mg/120 Capsules
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Antibiotic Free!
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Overtraining Solution, 100 Servings
Ambrosia Nutraceuticals
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Designed to support immune system health and boost recovery time*
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Overtraining Solution, 40 Servings
Ambrosia Nutraceuticals
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Designed to support immune system health and boost recovery time*
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Lean Mass Contributor*

What is Colostrum? Colostrum is a natural substance that is a form of milk. Cows and other mammals produce Colostrum naturally to feed to newborn young and it provides antibodies, fat and more protein than normal animal milk.

Supplemental Colostrum is generally made from a dried form of natural cow Colostrum. Colostrum has a high concentration of vitamins, amino acids, immune support ingredients and other helpful substances, which makes it a power-packed supplement to any fitness program and well-balanced diet! *


Encourage Optimal Performance And Recovery*

Colostrum is highly concentrated with many natural substances that provide support for overall health and wellness. Colostrum may help:

  • Support healthy immune system function*
  • Support healthy digestion*
  • Encourage optimal athletic performance and recovery*
  • Promote the development of lean muscle*
  • Support healthy hormone production*

Get Mass With Class*

If you experience high stress from time to time and you are looking for immune system support, Colostrum may be a good addition to a well-balanced diet and exercise program.*

Also, if you perform high-intensity exercise on a regular basis, you're putting your body under intense stress. To help support your body's ability to recover and maintain optimal health, Colostrum supplementation is a great choice!*

Colostrum is safe for men and women of all ages, though young adults may take less Colostrum than adults.

Use Colostrum To Support Immune System Function*

The source for supplemental Colostrum is generally cow Colostrum, also called Bovine Colostrum. You can find Colostrum in powder form, tablet form and capsule form. All of these are great options for taking Colostrum.

The serving size for Colostrum is usually considered to be 1-2 grams. Remember to strictly follow directions as listed on each individual product.

You can buy Colostrum as a standalone supplement or you can find it as an ingredient in products with a blend of ingredients. Some fat loss products, immune system support products, protein powders, and even multivitamins may include Colostrum.