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Boswellin Extract, 120 Vcaps
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With Curcumin!
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Introduction To Boswellia


The Boswellia Breakdown

Boswellia is derived from boswellia serrata - a sap-producing tree that is grown throughout western and central China. It is suggested that boswellia can have positive effects on the body.

Boswellia is a rich source of guggulsterones, which can help to support healthy thyroid function.* As a result, boswellia is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements.

It is not an essential nutrient, but is also commonly found in joint support products, as it may play a role in blood flow to joint tissues.*

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Boswellia Is The Bomb

It has been suggested that boswellia is best used for supporting joint health and mobility.* Boswellia may be connected to joint tissues through blood supply, allowing for resilient and responsive joints.* Keep your joints maintained and minimize injury stiffness in the future!

As a source for guggulsterones, Boswellia may support a fast metabolism.* Guggulsterones may help support the production of thyroid hormone in the body.* Heightened thyroid levels are good for optimizing the body's fat metabolism, so support a healthy metabolism with boswellia!*

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In It For The Long Haul

If you're someone who has a hard time keeping consistent with their fat loss, you should consider having some boswellia in your corner. Boswellia can help support optimum metabolic levels in the body so you can keep your metabolism on track.*

Age and continual wear and tear on our joints can hurt us down the road, so use Boswellia to support joint healthy maintenance, and be ready for the long haul.*

Your ability to keep in shape and do physical activity is directly related to your joint health and mobility, so don't put it on the backburner!

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Be The Boswellia Boss

Most boswellia products recommend around 500 milligrams per day, but make sure to follow package directions for best results.

Grab some boswellia and support your metabolism and joints today!