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Bone Support!*
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Joint Building & Strengthening Formula w/Boron*
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Introduction To Boron


Boron Is Unbeatable!

Boron is a nutrient that you don't hear much about, but it's one that shouldn't go unnoticed. Boron is required by the body in very small amounts – so small in fact that it's not even classified as an essential nutrient.

However, this doesn't mean it's not beneficial. Boron is present in small amounts in fruit, vegetables, legumes and nuts, so people who are lacking in these areas will definitely benefit. It's clear that boron plays an important role in our body so supplementing with it is definitely a wise move. Make sure you don't overlook this nutrient any longer!


Strong Bones, Strong Brain

One of the key roles that boron plays in your body is promoting healthy metabolism of other nutrients including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Boron also helps promote the following benefits:

  • Supports good overall bone growth*
  • Encourages muscle growth*
  • Promotes proper brain function*
  • Optimizes alertness levels*

If you're an active person and want to make sure you feel your best, boron may be a supplement you should consider!

Soar To The Top Of Your Game!

Since boron does help support the major functions in the body including proper metabolism, it's needed by everyone.* Boron also seems to really benefit those who are growing older, as it is said to help promote bone and muscle growth.* So, if you're nearing the 50 plus age range, Boron is a supplement you may want to look into.

Boron also supports alertness, so it's beneficial for those who need to be on top of their game and stay focused.* Since Boron is found in such small doses in food sources, supplementation is really the best way to get the concentrated form you're looking for.

Maximize Boron's Benefits

If you've decided to add boron to your daily supplementation, you'll want to take between 1-3 mg per day in accordance with how much food you're consuming that contains boron. Take your boron supplements at the time when you take your other vitamins – usually in the morning and/or right before bed.

As with any supplement, it is important not to exceed the recommended servings. There are reports of toxicity symptoms in those who go over the daily recommended dose of 3 mg per day, so it's important to factor how much you take in with your current diet. If you do eat a large volume of produce, nuts, and legumes on a daily basis then you will want to take a smaller amount of boron to ensure you're within healthy limits.