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Aloe Very Powerful!

There are approximately 250,000 known plant species on Earth, but few are as popular or well-known for their benefits as aloe vera (from Arabic "alloeh," or "bitter"). Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and other Mediterranean nations historically used aloe for muscle and joint health, plus skin care. India, China and other nations also have long, aloe-rich histories.

As a dietary supplement, aloe vera is thought to support digestion and quiet the stomach.* More than what you slather on a sunburn, aloe is made of many nutrients and minerals, including amino acids, enzymes, folic acid, plus vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, magnesium, silicon, iron, lithium and copper, as well as polysaccharides, lipids and sterols.


From The Inside Out

Prized for its nutritional profile and digestive support, aloe vera comes in various forms.* As a supplement, perhaps the easiest way to use it is in capsule form. Aloe capsules have a long shelf-life, so they can be ingested intermittently, and they're very convenient.

For topical application, aloe vera plants can be grown in your home like any other houseplant. When you need it, you can pluck off a leaf and apply the gel inside. Just make sure to properly break open the leaves and remove the yellow latex material, which allows you to extract the gel.

As a supplement, aloe is a relatively cheap nutrition and digestive support, and the capsules are tasteless.*

Ointment Of The Ancients

Aloe vera can be used and found in multiple forms. It's sold as a powder, as a gel, and in capsules, tablets, tinctures and extracts. Aloe provides different nutritional benefits depending on its form and usage.

As a dietary supplement, aloe is often seen in the form of a concentrated extract. Because concentration varies, always follow label directions. For digestive support, aloe is often taken on an empty stomach.*